Mike Camilleri

I’m a software developer who is also passionate about the natural sciences, literature, architecture, and visual art. What ties my interests together are a strong desire to understand the world that we live in and to make that world a better place for all of us.

Lately, I’ve been spending my time working on a few software projects including a text-mode game written in C, an API client for the National Weather Service written in Go, and design work for a general purpose automation platform focused on home automation.

I'm happy to have recently relocated by to my home state of Michigan and am actively applying for software engineering jobs in Southeastern Michigan or remote. I'm driven by innovation, good design, and building a better world. I'm especially excited about roles in which I would be able to work with a small team and use modern tools (Golang, Ruby, ...) to build modern software.

You can find my portfolio on GitHub, my resume on LinkedIn, and occasional blog posts here.